August 9, 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s already time for students to head back to school! We asked GS&P employees to tell us about their favorite or most memorable college class. See what they had to say.



During my graduate studies at Florida State University, the department initiated a new class called “Visual Communications”. We utilized the full Adobe Creative Suite – including Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro – to modify video footage and even animate graphics to express our graduate thesis projects. It was great to get our heads outside of the standard design process and further study how to communicate our design ideas and passions through video!

Heather Dodd, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate
Interior Designer
Tampa, FL



I had two most memorable classes in college; one that helped me decide what I did not want to do with my career, and one that pointed me in the right direction. No offense to Senior Engineer Jason Fukuda and our friends in GS&P’s structural engineering department, but “Finite Elements Analysis” convinced me that structural engineering was not my destiny. Fortunately I was taking “Environmental Engineering I” around the same time which wet my appetite (pun intended) for a career in water resources engineering.

John Reidy, P.E.
Division Vice President
Nashville, TN



During my last semester, I took a class appropriately called “The Best of UVA: A Collection of Unforgettable Lectures.” Each week a different professor from the university came to speak for an hour on a topic of their choosing. The topics ranged from a history of secret societies at UVA to a personal finance seminar. The class was memorable because we got the opportunity to listen to professors at the top of their field discuss topics they were most interested in.

Scott McAmis, P.E.
Water Resources Engineer
Memphis, TN



My most memorable class in college was an advanced Engineering Materials course I took during my junior year. Professor Weiss, who taught the course, was a charismatic and fun loving professor who made it enjoyable to be in class. He held giant jeopardy quizzes to continually test what we were learning, threw candy at students for correct answers during lectures and had a dry sense of humor that I personally connected with. It was because of this class that I went on to study cementitious materials for my undergraduate research program prior to graduating. Sometimes I think of going back to pursue my PhD because of these classes and the learning experiences I had with Professor Weiss.

Allison Hampton
Structural Engineer Intern
Nashville, TN



My senior project was my favorite class while at Western Kentucky University. We were required to help build a concrete canoe and at the end of the semester we used it in numerous events against other schools in our region. That same year one of our classmates was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, so we dedicated the canoe to him and named it “Courageous” in his honor. It was definitely an inspiring last semester and great to be a part of!

Jacob Belwood, P.E.
Civil Engineer
Louisville, KY



My most memorable college class was my third year “Furniture Design Studio.” My professor really pushed me to be innovative and pull from my childhood experiences for inspiration and it was at that moment that I realized how our experiences and memories impact our design ideas. It was also my first class where I had bring a project to fruition. I was required to design and construct a piece of furniture. In the end I designed a bench that celebrated the history and culture of sail boats unique to the island of Anguilla, which is where I grew up. It is in my living room to this day and serves as a great conversation starter!

Dexter Carty, NCIDQ
Interior Designer
Richmond, VA