February 21, 2022

It’s Engineers Week, a one-of-a-kind event dedicated to celebrating how architects make a difference in our world. In honor of this year’s EWeek theme “Reimagining the Possible,” we asked our engineers what they’re most excited about that’s on the horizon in their field. See what they had to say!


I’m excited that more transportation agencies are embracing zero as a target for fatal and serious injury crashes. This ultimate goal of zero unifies engineers and planners for the benefit of society. This goal also has spurred our culture to be increasingly supportive of the Safe System Approach, which will save lives, and I’m excited to embrace this approach on our projects with the ultimate goal of zero!

Mario Dipola, P.E., PTOE, RSP1
Senior Project Manager
Jacksonville, FL



Within the structural engineering field, I am very excited that we are moving toward more sustainable and resilient designs. SE 2050, basically the structural engineer’s version of AIA 2030, was created in 2019 and Gresham Smith became a signatory firm of the initiative in 2021. The ultimate goal being that we will move toward net zero carbon designs over the next 30 years. This commitment will lead us to rethinking our specifications, our standard framing layouts, and what materials we are using to design our structures. It will allow us to think outside of the box while getting to explore new ideas and reconsider decades-old standards.

Allison Hampton, P.E.
Structural Project Engineer
Nashville, TN



I am most excited about the opportunity to provide safer roadways throughout the communities by using a more data-informed approach where we collect, evaluate and analyze the data to determine a more appropriate design improvement. This approach, in combination with the Virtual Public Engagement and 3D modeling/renderings, helps to establish a broader outreach to our community stakeholders, thus allowing us to share ideas and work together to ensure all have ownership of the designs.

Dave Stills, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Louisville, KY



I’m really excited to see the shift in transportation engineering that is putting more focus on multimodal transportation and equitable access for ALL people in our communities. It’s thrilling to get to work on more and more projects that will better serve the community because more thought was put into bike and pedestrian connectivity and safety on the front end.

Ben Nichols, P.E.
Project Engineer
Home Office