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The Campaign to Protect Licensure for Florida’s Interior Designers
July 16, 2020
When I tell someone I’m an interior designer, they often think that I spend my days picking paint colors and…
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What I Learned Serving on Tennessee’s COVID-19 Alternative Care Site Task Force
July 7, 2020
(Featured photo credit: Max Gersh, USA TODAY Network.) As a first lieutenant with the Tennessee Army National Guard and a…
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Construction Administration During COVID-19 — And Beyond
July 1, 2020
Historically, the relationship between architects and contractors has been characterized as adversarial. Regardless of what history says, our relationship is…
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Minding the Gap: Staying Motivated & Connected While Working from Home
June 30, 2020
“Did you hear that Carolyn just adopted a Dandie Dinmont terrier rescue?” “How about the Titans third-round pick?” I sure…
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Betwixt & Between: Getting Unstuck in “The Neutral Zone” During COVID-19
May 28, 2020
Negative hashtags about how 2020 has played out so far have been flooding social media in response to the COVID-19…
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Defending Against Disaster: Helping a Hospital Weather Climate Threats
May 27, 2020
Our changing climate poses a major threat to healthcare providers, because natural disasters that damage healthcare facilities often disable them…
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Lean on Us: Giving Back to the Community During COVID-19
May 20, 2020
For more than half a century, Gresham Smith has successfully endured and adapted to social, economic, environmental and technological change,…
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A Delivery Method of the Future: F. Wayne Hill WRC On-Call Program
May 19, 2020
Located approximately 35 miles north of downtown Atlanta, the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center (WRC) is Gwinnett County’s largest…