January 26, 2018

Name: Corie Baker
Current Title: Senior Architect and Healthcare Market Sustainability Leader
Office Location: Richmond
Years at GS&P: 5

Meet Corie Baker, a senior architect in GS&P’s Richmond Healthcare studio and the Healthcare market sustainability leader. Keep reading to learn why the Florida Keys hold a special place in her heart, what inspired her to study architecture and what she’s learned since joining GS&P.

Where did you grow up?

Columbia, Maryland

Where did you go to school?

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont before attending the University of Maryland for graduate school.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled and why?

It’s tough to pick one place! I absolutely loved being in Alaska. It’s truly humbling to be in a place where everything is so much bigger than you are. I also love the Florida Keys. It’s a great place to kick back, relax and cook up the day’s catch – plus I met my husband in the Keys! Paris is also one of my favorite cities because the atmosphere there is so energizing.

What made you choose your career?

I was very interested in finding a career that would allow me to make a positive contribution to communities. Architecture appealed to me because it is both art and math with a tangible result at the end – a measurable way to determine success. During my studies I became interested in how architecture can influence human behavior, which led me to complete my master’s thesis on how the built environment can help prevent crime. As a Healthcare architect, I’m able to explore my interest in human behavior every day and I have a real opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve also grown increasingly interested in the relationship of the built environment to the natural environment, which has led to my interest in sustainable design.

How many different GS&P offices have you worked in?

When I joined GS&P I worked in our Jacksonville office, but I later moved to Richmond and joined the GS&P office there. Although I’ve technically only worked in two of GS&P’s offices I’ve had the pleasure of working with teams in Charlotte, Miami, Tampa, Birmingham and Nashville as well. I appreciate the wide range of expertise we have across our offices and enjoy meeting people in our different locations.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have backpacked in the Grand Canyon!

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at GS&P and why?

I have had the opportunity to work on several great projects since I joined GS&P. Each one of them has been a learning experience and an opportunity to grow.

I enjoyed working with the team at the UF Health Shands Downtown campus because of the dedicated, trusted advisor relationship we have with that client. We worked together closely to complete a master plan for the campus, as well as the priority projects in the master plan.

The Cancer Specialists of North Florida outpatient cancer treatment facility was a wonderful chance to study the physical environment best suited for cancer treatment. Our team developed a facility prototype that ended up serving as the organization’s new standard. The project was even recognized in our internal Showcase design competition!

The Sentara Belleharbour project – my first project after I moved to the Richmond office – was an opportunity to work with the client from the onset of the master planning for the campus all the way through to the development of the first phase—a 90,000 square-foot addition that is under construction right now.

Being a part of the Kaiser Permanente team and working with a client willing to push the boundaries has been very satisfying as well. We’ve been able to explore innovative and out-of-the-box ideas in a thoughtful and meaningful way, while still supporting the organization’s goals of providing the best care possible for their communities.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Don’t take everything personally.