August 18, 2020

It’s no secret that summer 2020 has been different than the summers of years past. Since social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, many typical warm weather activities are off the table. Whether it’s learning a new language, starting a home garden or picking up a new instrument, Gresham Smith employees have been making the most of their extended time at home. We asked our co-workers to share their newfound pastimes. See what they had to say below!



This summer, my fiancé and I have picked up a new hobby of long bike rides through the beautiful neighborhoods and beach boardwalks of South Florida! We also recently planted an herb and vegetable garden in our backyard with delicious peppers, jalapenos, basil, thyme and okra.

Alexis Moore, NCIDQ
Interior Designer
Miami, FL



I wouldn’t say I’ve gained any new hobbies, but I’ve spent more time working on existing ones. The two main things I’ve done more of are playing guitar and reading. The time I would normally spend in rush hour traffic is now spent annoying my neighbors with various classic rock songs played out of tune. As far as reading, I’ve given myself a goal of finishing one book a month. I’m on month three and book number two, so I’m a little behind. But at least it’s something!

Cameron Traylor, P.E.
Water Resources Engineer
Alpharetta, GA



Our Knoll reps have been sending us new material samples each week in quarantine. They included instructions on how to make a tassel, and it inspired me to start making earrings! We’ve also started construction on a playhouse for our backyard. It’s been slow progress on hot days, but we’ll get there.

Interior Designer
Nashville, TN




I have been learning Japanese through online resources, such as the Duolingo app, a couple of textbooks and a bi-weekly online tutor! こんにちは (Konnichiwa!)

Santiago Velez, P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Dallas, TX



This summer I’ve really gotten into custom mechanical keyboards as well as custom cable making.

Jared Kaelin, MLA, ASLA
Landscape Architect
Louisville, KY



I have taken up indoor gardening and stepped out of my comfort zone of Pothos plants!

Monique Nichols
Architectural Project Coordinator
Charlotte, NC



I decided that the extra free time was a great opportunity to play more golf. My wife decided that it was a great opportunity to add a dog to the family. It was a win for both!

Brennon Hughes, P.E.
Transportation Engineer
Baton Rouge, LA