April 10, 2019


It’s National Architecture Week! To celebrate, we asked some of our architects about their favorite architectural marvel. Check out their answers below!


I love the Santa Caterina Market renovation in Barcelona, Spain. The project maintained parts of the existing historic structure, mixing old architecture with a contemporary, multi-colored ceramic roof that has the shape of a wave. The design responds to Barcelona’s history, as well as it’s current community life, in a revolutionary way.

Yuwen Tan
Architectural Project Coordinator
Chicago, IL



It’s really hard to pick a favorite architectural marvel, but the Cadet Chapel at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado is at the top of my list. As you approach the chapel, you view the peaks of the spires with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. At first the contrast in color and material is striking, but the two forms are perfectly balanced and integrated. Stained glass panels in between the joints at each spire fill the chapel interior with beautiful diffused light. As long as there are no events scheduled at the chapel, you can visit for free, without a reservation. Whenever you need inspiration, this is the place to find it!

Jennie LeNoue, AIA
Nashville, TN



My favorite modern architectural marvel is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is currently the tallest building in the world at 2,717 feet, not including the antenna at the top.

Matt Huffman, AIA
Dallas, TX



My husband and I took a trip to Egypt this past January, and while I thought the Pyramids would be my favorite piece of architecture, The Hanging Church in Cairo takes the win. One of the oldest churches in Egypt, the building earned its name because it is literally hanging over a Babylonian Fortress. The wells in the floor look down over portions of the Roman hideaway. The Egyptians used major pieces of older, ruined worship buildings to create the church, resulting in an eclectic space. For example, none of the church’s columns match—not in style, height, material or color. Some are shimmed and some are propped up on tall column bases, but it’s breathtaking and packed with ancient history!

Lilian Boutros, AIA
Tampa, FL



My favorite architectural marvel is Santiago Caltrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum because of his use of concrete to create elegant lightweight flowing forms and the kinetic movement of the Brise Soleil. The Brise Soleil opens up to create a window for non-traditional lighting and shading methods that not only have function, but also create and experience for the user. The architecture has become the artwork!

Jevon Ritchey, AIA, LEED AP
Nashville, TN