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We’re always looking for interns and recent graduates seeking to live out our tagline and brand promise—authentic, personable people creating solutions that are both highly functional and highly creative.

Through our internship program, you’ll be exposed to a variety of hands-on experiences that will help you successfully transition from the classroom to a full-time career. Our interns come away from their assignments with a sense of confidence in their ability to excel in this industry and as part of the Gresham Smith team.

As a young professional just starting out in your career, you’ll have the opportunity to be challenged, feel fulfilled and ultimately realize your potential. We know growth is a continual process, which is why we’re committed to working with you to develop a roadmap for a successful career.

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Empowered Professionals

The success of our projects stems from the success of our people, which is why we’re committed to creating a workplace where our employees feel supported and fulfilled, both personally and professionally. Our BuildU program gives interns and young professionals (and the rest of our staff!) access to mentors and leaders in their fields of study, exposure to jobsites and a welcoming atmosphere where questions are encouraged, and resources to manage projects like a pro, become a stronger supervisor and leader, learn the ins and out of practice technology tools – the list goes on.

Industry Advocates

Employee growth and development are essential to our forward progress. In addition to supporting our young professionals in obtaining professional licensure, we also encourage our staff to get involved with industry organizations and contribute to discussions related to trends affecting our clients, regulations and policy changes impacting our industries and the most effective solutions for projects. We’ll even reimburse you for membership fees and cover the time you spend at society activities.

Inspired Innovators

By investing in our Studio-X Innovation Incubator, we’ll be better positioned to anticipate disruptions across the AEC industry and provide new services for our clients. The program awards individuals or teams with the necessary time, money, business mentoring and technical resources to turn promising, high-value innovation ideas into tools, products, services and expertise.

Community Caregivers

Our employees are encouraged to serve with civic and community organizations to help better the places we call home. Through our Gresham Smith Individual Volunteer Empowerment (GIVE) committee, we sponsor in-kind services and volunteer time.


“My summer internship at Gresham Smith turned into a part-time internship through my senior year of college, and ultimately led to me joining full-time after graduation. The skills and practices I learned during the year as a student intern, including mechanical design principles and onsite experience through the construction administration process, have guided my career at the firm to this day. As a result of my experience, I work hard to recruit, teach, and mentor our summer interns.”

Matthew Martinez, Engineer-In-Training , Nashville

“I interned at Gresham Smith for two summers prior to joining the firm as a full time Architectural Project Coordinator in the Corporate & Urban Design Market.  As an intern, I was made to feel valuable and engaged, which helped me take pride and ownership of my work at an early stage of my career.  The opportunities, the work culture and the people made me want to come back each summer, and to this day it is what excites me the most about coming to work every day.”

Mónica Marrero Ciuró, Project Coordinator, Nashville

“Upon graduating from college, I found myself in my first full time opportunity working with an amazing company. Gresham Smith has allowed me to fulfill my professional passions and interests, while enhancing my personal development. As a new-hire, I felt valued and respected, which helped form the confidence I needed to fulfill my role. From building effective communication strategies that represent a firm I am proud of, to working with colleagues from all walks of life, my time thus far at Gresham Smith has been very rewarding.”

Hailey Cunningham, Communications Coordinator, Nashville

“I had the opportunity to intern with Gresham Smith for three summers during college before starting full time. I spent my internships working with the electrical engineers in our Building Engineering market. The internships helped solidify what I wanted to do as a career, and I enjoyed every second of them. I got to experience a variety of projects and learned new skills that you can’t find in a classroom. My coworkers mentored me and involved me in their projects to help me gain hands-on experience. I look forward to getting to mentor interns and help them as they start their careers.”

Morgan Byers, Electrical Engineering Technician, Nashville

“I started working with Gresham Smith as an intern after my junior year in college. I worked with the mechanical team in our Industrial market, and since graduating that’s where I work full time. During my short internship, the firm did an excellent job of showing me the company’s values and what a career would look like here. My experiences I gained as an intern made my decision to come back full time easy.”

Avery Stokes, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Nashville

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