Our teams are made up of talented, diverse and passionate people striving to accomplish extraordinary things, and it's our goal to create a workplace that supports everyone's professional and personal goals.
“Why have I stayed with GS&P for 20 years? It’s simple really — the PEOPLE. My HR team members are like family to me. Work is work, but what gives me reason to return is the camaraderie of our team. We are all better collectively and it is rewarding to see the results of our work when we combine our diverse strengths on a project. And we have a lot of fun doing it which for me, is definitely a plus!”
Gail Pace, HR Communications Manager, Nashville, Tennessee
Gail, pictured far right, and members of the GS&P HR Team having some fun in their photo booth at a recent Halloween “Soup for the Troops” event they organized to help raise money to buy Veterans Day care packages for members of the military.
“What most stands out to me as a GS&P employee is the company’s focus on the ‘whole you.’ Saying they offer work/life balance doesn’t paint a complete picture because outside of work, life for so many of us is focused on everyone else. But I am a firm believer in “putting on your own oxygen mask first,” just like a flight attendant instructs on a plane. GS&P goes beyond work/life balance by incorporating creative ways to help us take care of ourselves. In the Nashville office, a bell rings each day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. reminding us to stand up and stretch. And our firmwide MOV challenges encourage staff to stay active. Placing an emphasis on well-being helps us all be healthier, happier and more productive.”
Valarie Franklin, Architect, Corporate + Urban Design, Nashville, Tennessee
Valarie enjoys staying active by walking Nashville’s beautiful parks and trails, racking up “moves” to compete in the firm’s MOV challenges and gaining design inspiration from nature’s sights.
“What originally attracted me to GS&P, and has continued over the past five years, is the company’s focus on developing its staff and embracing change. Change is scary for most folks and GS&P has found a balance of being a stable business while encouraging its staff to find new ways to improve procedures, processes and functions. GS&P has supported and challenged me in my career growth, and I am a stronger professional and contributor due to this positive environment.”
Kent and his wife have been married for more than 20 years and home school their four children. Free time usually consists of watching soccer games throughout Georgia and the Southeast.
From the time that I started with GS&P, I got to work on a variety of different projects and was involved with developing solutions to help our clients. I often get to visit with the clients before and after a project, and I can see the impact that our work has on our client’s efforts to become more sustainable. Each project presents different and exciting challenges, making my work very fulfilling.”
Devon Seal, P.E., MBA
Devon Seal and Mark Ervin work with a respirometer. This tool helps GS&P study the factors that affect the biological treatment of pollutants in deicing chemicals.
“I always think that the heart of our work is that "we're helping people go somewhere," which can mean helping businesses meet goals or their patrons find services. But because much of my design work is for colleges and universities, "helping people go somewhere" becomes more fulfilling (and makes design more challenging) when I think about how my work might shape the experiences of students and have a positive effect on the rest of their lives.”
Patrick enjoys helping clients “connect the dots”. Out of the office you’ll find Patrick creating haute cuisine dishes in his kitchen or wielding a hammer at a Habitat for Humanity construction site.
"As a long-time employee in our Ft. Lauderdale office, I have seen how true partnership and commitment to making clients happy pays off. I think our success is possible because of our teamwork and support we provide our clients. You will win some and lose some — especially in the business of architecture and design — but my experience has been that you will win a lot more with our client-centered approach. It is always more fulfilling when we are all in it together as a team to achieve success."
Senior Vice President, Healthcare, Miami, Florida
When not at work you'll find Luis volunteering in the Ft. Lauderdale commuity, supporting our veterans and playing with his two young children.
“While at GS&P, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the local IIDA chapter and also have been able to serve as a preceptor in the design program at a local university. Volunteering at the university gives me the opportunity to keep abreast of the technology and methods being introduced in the academic arena. At the same time, I’m able to impart the practical knowledge that I’ve gained with GS&P. GS&P has not only encouraged my participation, but has also been extremely accommodating.”
Dexter Carty, interior designer, healthcare, charlotte, north carolina
Dexter (left) and Birmingham staff showed support for pediatric cancer research at Open Hands Overflowing Hearts Gala.
“As an employee, wife and mother of two boys, work-life balance is essential to me. I am proud to be a part of a firm that not only strives for the best with their clients but also embraces this vision for their employees as well. Thank you GS&P for allowing me the flexibility to thrive in both the workplace and at home!”
Melissa Higginbotham, Administrative Assistant, Transportation, nashville, tennessee
When not at work you’ll find Melissa enjoying the outdoors with friends and family cheering for her son at the ballpark.
“Few things are as reassuring as knowing that, each and every day, you and the people you work with, will be bringing your “A game” to work. You know that you’re coming into a setting where you’re going to give it your all to help your team, not because it’s your job, but because you want to, and because you know that your team is going to do the exact same for you. Our people are team driven, motivated and always ready for a good challenge.”
Architect, Healthcare, Tampa, Florida
Ray (third from the right) and fellow GS&P colleagues partnered up with the AIA for a “walking tour” of downtown Tampa.

Gresham, Smith and Partners is an equal employment/affirmative action employer. If you need accommodation for any part of the employment process because of a disability, please send an e-mail to careers@gspnet.com or call 615-770-8100 to let us know the nature of your request.

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