August 2nd, 2021 at 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

AL/MS Water Joint Annual Conference

Mobile, AL


Tear it Down: Case Study for Pump Station Elimination

Presented by Gresham Smith Water Resources Engineer Cameron Traylor, P.E., and Jefferson County Department of Environmental Services’  Brian Rohling, P.E.

Located in Jefferson County, Alabama, the South Park Pump Station was located along the sensitive Valley Creek in west Birmingham. The station was originally slated for elimination in 2001, with installation of a gravity flow possible due to a new deep trunk line nearby. However, for various reasons, the pump station remained operational for many more years and was deteriorating. In 2015, the Jefferson County Environmental Services Department called on Gresham Smith to utilize new system model information to remove the pump station and design a large diameter gravity sewer, as was planned many years ago.

The long-awaited project didn’t come without challenges. The Gresham Smith team had to reroute several existing sewer mains to the new gravity sewer, as well as connect the new gravity sewer to the main trunk line located in a railroad right-of-way. Additionally, the station was located next to a creek, two schools/daycares, and on an active industrial roadway. The new gravity sewer was designed to go through the existing pump station, resulting in bypass pumping multiple existing sewer mains. These various conditions and constraints forced the project team to think outside the box to deliver a cost-effective project.

In this presentation, Gresham Smith Engineer Cameron Traylor and Jefferson County Department of Environmental Services’ Brian Rohling will share design considerations for the large diameter gravity sewer and discuss the project’s unique challenges, sharing how the project ultimately increased capacity and improved water quality for the South Park community while removing a maintenance burden for JCESD staff.


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