October 3rd, 2019 at 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

International Placemaking Week

Chattanooga, TN


The Street’s Not Complete Until WE Say It Is!

Presentation by Gresham Smith Senior Landscape Architect Louis Johnson, Gresham Smith Active Transportation Service Line Leader Mike Sewell, City Innovations Co-Founder and Urban Design leader Jason Zogg, and Street Plans Collaborative Principal Mike Lydon

The street’s not complete until WE say it is, is a provocative statement meant to indicate a shift in complete streets approaches that moves beyond transportation systems that is inclusive of key equity issues like social, environmental, and mobility justice. Issues that all our collective community’s face. The WE in this sense isn’t for designers but is representative of a truly collaborative and community driven approach to complete streets – and to signify that WE as designers must be of the communities we work within, not just in them. This panel discussion will provide a deep dive into the challenges that we face in implementing transformative project through the eyes of urban planners, landscape architects, social equity, and engineering. There is an inherent friction that can persist between these professions, and we begin to shed light on examples that have helped us to deconstruct our roles on these projects and demonstrate the power of allowing that friction to produce innovation. Our panelists will give some background on recent examples of pitfalls that exist as well as some proofs of where breakthroughs have occurred where these professional lines are blurred and we have been challenged by each other to produce a better project.


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