Insights on the Future Workplace

The traditional workplace has been forever altered. In addition to disruptions caused by COVID-19, evolving technologies, growing environmental challenges and increased awareness of the critical importance of physical and mental well-being continue to re-shape how and where we work. From amenities that spur collaboration and connection, to smarter building systems that optimize energy usage, we’re designing spaces where employees are inspired and empowered to do their best work.

Supporting Innovation & Technology at Every Level

Schneider Electric’s workplace does more with less. They reduced their physical and environmental footprint while accommodating 20 percent more employees. Learn how.

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Navigating the Commissioning Process

As building system technology increases in complexity and sustainability remains at the forefront of design, the need for commissioning continues to rise. Learn more.

Giving Employees a Reason to Come Back

As companies look beyond the pandemic, employees seek a different type of workplace experience and draws inspiration from outside of the traditional workplace environment. Read more on our blog.

Adapting Energy Usage for the Hybrid Workplace

Not only does the hybrid workplace present employees with greater flexibility, but it also presents owners with an opportunity to reduce energy usage and cut back on the associated costs. Learn how.


Our Podcast: Building Rating Systems & COVID-19

The pandemic has changed expectations about the types of things that people want to have validated in their buildings. In this podcast, we discuss the different systems that clients should consider.

Reimagining a Space for Today’s Learning Environment

Future-forward and flexible, USF’s Innovation Education Studio supports today’s hybrid learning environment. Learn more about this project.

A Case Study on Building Energy Modeling

As technology advances, Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is becoming an even more powerful tool for making informed design decisions. Learn more.

Celebrating Nashville’s People, Places & Spaces

Oriented to reduce solar heat gain and maximize daylight in the winter, while also paying homage to the places Nashvillians live, work and play, this 20-story office tower is the ultimate marriage of form and function.

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