Hospital expansions and renovations may not receive the same level of public attention as new or replacement facilities, but their impact on community healthcare delivery can be just as profound. Making up about 75% of our healthcare workload, our expansion and renovation design covers decades of complex project work, and whether in an urban or rural location, our staff is well-prepared for the challenges that are often unique to this type of project. Our multi-discipline teams of architects, engineers, interior designers and planners understand the wide-range of expansion and renovation project considerations, from extensive staff-led process improvement sessions and hands-on design testing, to innovative solutions for project phasing and construction sequencing. This understanding, partnered with our commitment to deliver responsible, effective healthcare design solutions, is the reason clients turn to us throughout their facility's lifespan.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting client relationships that grow as their facilities are updated and expanded, and we greatly value the hospitals and health systems that repeatedly call on us — one of which is our first-ever healthcare client.

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