Transportation Planning

  • Jamie A. Cochran

    Jamie A. Cochran AICP

    Sr VP Transportation Planning Contact

GS&P offers extensive transportation planning expertise that integrates transportation, land use, regulations, transportation and demand management systems, and community design. With an emphasis on services for local governments, we offer clients a high level of competency on a wide range of applications including context-sensitive design, transit, bicycle and pedestrian planning, scenario planning, travel demand forecasting, systems analysis, and regional visioning. Our philosophy includes working effectively with citizens and community stakeholders to develop plans that have broad-based support, efforts that often improve projects and their implementation.

We have been a leader in innovative street and roadway design concepts for many years, and are an active partner with the National Complete Streets Coalition. By remaining at the forefront of what it takes to implement a successful Complete Streets programs, we are able to help our clients create a sustainable and livable approach to improving their transportation networks.

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