GS&P’s Sauvé Presenting to the Central Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineering

Address to Focus on Healthcare System Transformation

January 11, 2017   |   Nashville,  Tenn.   |   Events

Gresham, Smith and Partners announces Senior Vice President Marc Sauvé will share insights into the future of healthcare at a meeting of the Central Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineering today in Phoenix, Arizona. The following is a summary of Sauvé’s presentation, which he has previously delivered as a keynote speaker at the Health Facility Institute Symposium, the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo, and other major industry conferences and events.

Transformation Acceleration: Trends, Trials and Triumphs
As the transformation of healthcare continues, a myriad of market forces, trials and tribulations are reshaping the American landscape into tomorrow’s delivery system – Sauvé frames the future with uncanny accuracy and unsettling insight. The acceleration of mergers and acquisitions will not counter the end of top line growth; new infrastructure deployment strategies must be customized to individual market dynamics. This presentation covers the full gamut; from how to amend the ACA and end the cost shifting once and for all, to defining the remaining hurtles to real healthcare reform. Another round of accolades to the revolutionaries and innovators who are disrupting the status quo with both high and low tech connectivity.
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