Gresham Smith Authors Guidebook for Multi-Modal Roadway Design

10月 11, 2018

Gresham Smith is proud to announce the publication of National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 880: Design Guide for Low-Speed Multimodal Roadways. The research, which was led by Senior Transportation Engineer Jay Bockisch, P.E., PTOE, and Active Transportation Service Line Leader Mike Sewell, P.E.,  provides guidance for designing low-speed roadways that serve all modes of transportation while benefiting the surrounding environment and community.

“As our streets become increasingly multi-modal, design requirements and constraints often conflict among different roadway users,” commented Mike Sewell, P.E., active transportation service line leader at Gresham Smith. “Engineers and planners often have to develop a unique design solution and we feel this report will help with that process.”

“The research presented in NCHRP Report 880 documents best practices for designing complete streets in low-speed zones,” commented Jay Bockisch, P.E., PTOE, senior transportation engineer at Gresham Smith. “This report will serve as a guide for our industry as we continue to address the needs of all modes of transportation and create safe streets and connected communities.”

The guidebook assists engineers and planners in selecting design elements to balance the needs of all roadway users, the surrounding environment and community interests on roadways where the speed doesn’t exceed 45 mph. The report also supplements and expands on policies, guides and standards commonly used in the industry, as well as guidance published by national transportation organizations. Midwest Research Institute and Alta Planning and Design assisted with the research.

NCHRP Report 880 is available for download on the Transportation Research Board’s website.