Gresham Smith Completes City of Hoover Emergency Repairs

June 30, 2021

Gresham Smith is pleased to announce the completion of an emergency sanitary sewer system repair in Hoover, Alabama, along U.S. Highway 280. Working with the City of Hoover, Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), and Birmingham Water Works, the firm provided field engineering services and oversaw construction on the project.

Given the firm’s longstanding relationship with the City of Hoover, when the City began receiving complaints of sewage backup in a local shopping center, they reached out to Gresham Smith to resolve the issue. The firm identified a water main leak as the root cause of the issue, causing a complete structural failure in a sewer manhole and ultimately leading to debris obstructing the gravity sewer main. After identifying the issue, the firm coordinated with the City of Hoover and multiple utility providers and contractors to repair the leak, replace an approximately 18’ deep manhole, remove the sewer blockage, and restore service to the shopping center.

“We’ve worked with the City of Hoover on a number of projects over the past 20 years,” said Hal Humphrey, senior engineer in Gresham Smith’s Water + Environment market. “We’re humbled the city called on our firm to provide engineering services in their time of need. Not only did we complete the repair process in a timely manner, we also tapped into our existing relationships with the Alabama Department of Transportation to coordinate traffic control measures to minimally impact drivers on one of Birmingham’s busiest highways. I’m proud of our team for delivering this project efficiently and effectively.”

Gresham Smith’s Water + Environment market is involved in many water-related infrastructure improvement projects in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, covering all facets of water and wastewater conveyance and treatment systems.