Gresham Smith-Designed FDOT Lighting Program Improves Crosswalk Safety

November 12, 2018

Gresham Smith announces its ongoing work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on nighttime pedestrian safety improvements throughout District 2 in Northeast Florida. The firm is improving visibility of crosswalks with new lighting at numerous signalized intersections. Gresham Smith is the prime engineer, providing project management, lighting analysis, lighting design, specifications, plans, cost estimates, utility coordination. A strategically assembled safety design team, safety studies team, and six dedicated lighting teams comprised of safety and lighting experts represent the four E’s of safety—Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Response.

“Even though only 25% of travel occurs after dark, half of all traffic fatalities, including 75% of pedestrian fatalities, occur at night,” commented Tyler Strickland, P.E., J.D., Florida State Transportation Leader at Gresham Smith. “To help work toward FDOT’s “Vision Zero” for a fatality-free transportation system, FDOT has dedicated funds to improve night-time visibility of pedestrians. This represents the first systemwide approach to addressing pedestrian fatalities through this new criteria by the district. We are very proud to offer our engineering and design expertise for such an important and exciting program.”

Gresham Smith’s lighting design work throughout FDOT District 2 includes coordination between the client and stakeholders, lighting analysis and plans production, and development of a master Push Button Bid Set and Technical Special Provisions for contractor bids. The firm is responsible for intersection light modeling with AGi32 software, development of retrofit lighting design, summary of the effort in a Lighting Design Analysis Report, and production of lighting design plans. The task work orders also included utility coordination and cost estimation. Additionally, Gresham Smith is providing ongoing construction support, assisting the contractor and FDOT with changes in the field and analyzing change requests to the lighting designs.