Gresham Smith-Designed Water and Wastewater Projects Take Shape in Tennessee

May 5, 2021

Several Gresham Smith-designed projects are taking shape in Clarksville, Tennessee. The New Providence community’s new wastewater equalization facility, which will reduce sanitary sewer overflows during periods of wet weather, has started construction. Additionally, the firm has been hired by the City of Clarksville for two other projects: relocating and upgrading the potable water, sanitary sewer and natural gas utilities along the proposed Northeast Connector, a roadway project that is also currently being designed by Gresham Smith, and combining three existing wastewater pumping stations into a single station. Each project will lead to improved water quality, resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment for the growing Clarksville community.

“Clarksville is one of the fastest growing cities in middle Tennessee, and the Gas and Water Department is one of the largest utility providers in the state. From eliminating wet weather overflows to providing safe drinking water, our team understands the importance of these infrastructure improvements,” said Craig Parker, P.E., senior vice president at Gresham Smith. “We’ve enjoyed working with the City of Clarksville on previous projects and look forward to continuing our relationship and helping improve assets to meet the demands of the growing community.”

The new wastewater equalization facility in the New Providence community will include a peak flow diversion system, equalization pump station and 1.5-million-gallon storage tank to mitigate peak flows in the sewer system and reduce sanitary sewer overflows as well as increase standby electrical power capacity .

The City’s Northeast Connector roadway project, which will connect Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Trenton Road, calls for a four-lane roadway with a raised median, access control, and multimodal features including a shared-use path and sidewalks. Gresham Smith’s water and wastewater engineers will work with the firm’s roadway design team to relocate the existing potable water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas pipelines that will be affected by the roadway project, designing upgrades to the utilities as needed.

To meet the needs of the City’s growing population, the new Oak Street pump station will combine the pumping capabilities of three existing lift stations into a single pumping facility  and increase sewer capacity. Gresham Smith will decommission the old pump stations, reducing maintenance and increasing operational efficiencies for the City.

These projects are a continuation of Gresham Smith’s relationship with the City of Clarksville. The firm previously designed the Beacon Hills equalization facility and pedestrian and infrastructure improvements to Legion Street. Gresham Smith has also completed projects in the Clarksville area, including LG Electronics’ new appliance manufacturing plant and Hankook’s passenger tire manufacturing plant.