Gresham Smith Finalizes Comprehensive Knox County Greenways Study

September 10, 2020

After 12 months of planning and public engagement, Gresham Smith has completed the Knox County Greenways Study, which lays out approximately 65 miles of new greenways and sidewalks across five major corridors. IBI Placemaking, a local landscape architecture firm, partnered with Gresham Smith on the study.

The corridors strategically connect communities in Knox County, linking people to the places where they live, work, learn and play. The five major corridors include:

  • Beaver Creek West—from Melton Hill Park in Hardin Valley to I-75 in Powell;
  • Beaver Creek East—from I-75 in Powell to the Knox County/Union County line in Gibbs;
  • Northshore Drive—from the Knox County/Loudon County line to Lakeshore Park;
  • John Sevier Highway—from I.C. King Park to Chapman Highway; and
  • Chapman Highway—from Gary Underwood Park to the Knox County/ Sevier County line.

The recommendations from the study will be used by Knox County to help assist in funding and building greenways throughout the county. In addition, it will provide Knox County the documentation needed when applying for future grants.

“Greenways are an important and dynamic investment for every community, delivering a wide range of economic, health, and environmental benefits,” said Jason Brady, East Tennessee area transportation leader at Gresham Smith. “The purpose of the Knox County Greenway Corridor Study is to establish a clear vision and plan for greenways in five key corridors in Knox County and set the stage for enhancing the overall park system as the county continues to grow and develop.”

Each greenway corridor includes a recommended preferred main route, alternate route, and connector routes to key destinations along the corridors. The study’s goals and objectives and recommended alignments are the product of technical analysis and public input, and link schools, parks, libraries, senior centers, and other popular destinations. Additionally, the study provides cost estimates for each of the recommended improvements as well as a health design assessment and economic impact assessment to help prioritize greenway segments.

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