Gresham Smith to Design Ramsey Solutions Event Center

12月 1, 2020

Gresham Smith has started design for the new 50,000 square-foot Ramsey Solutions Event Center, the third phase of development for the company’s headquarters.

The event center will be the third building at Ramsey Solutions’ campus, located in the Williamson County Berry Farms development. The site will be visible from Interstate 65 as a beacon on the top of a hill.

“This company was founded as The Lampo Group – Lampo being the Greek word for ‘light’. Ever since we closed on this land, I’ve imagined the event center at the very top of the highest point, like the lantern on a hill in Matthew 5:14-16,” said Dave Ramsey, CEO of Ramsey Solutions. “This beautiful building will be a place of gathering in spreading our message of hope, and Gresham Smith’s team has been tremendous in helping our vision come to life. Our new event center will literally be a light on the hill, which is a true testament to God’s hand guiding us from the very beginning.”

“We’re bringing to life Ramsey’s vision of an event center that looks like a lantern,” said Kelly Knight Hodges, market vice president in the Corporate + Urban Design market at Gresham Smith. “This new space will serve multiple functions for the Ramsey team. They will be able to accommodate weekly staff meetings and devotionals, as well as host live events with Ramsey Personalities and outside speakers.”

Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2021. The event center will feature a main auditorium with seating for up to 2,350 people, breakout rooms, and green rooms for guest speakers, as well as an outdoor recreation area for indoor/outdoor meetings. The team is also designing connectors to the existing campus trail network, so the conference center can be accessed via the main office.

The corporate headquarters was opened in 2019, and phase two, which includes 192,000 square feet of additional office space, is currently under construction with an estimated opening of spring 2021. Gresham Smith is providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, landscape and wayfinding services at the site.