GS&P-Led Traffic Studies Lead to Safer Roadways in Northwest Florida

January 29, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners is proud to announce the completion of two traffic studies in northwest Florida. The firm analyzed an unsignalized intersection along State Route 61 in Leon County and conducted a speed study on Walton County’s State Route 81. The work was performed under the firm’s five-year on-call contract to provide traffic operations and access management consulting services for a variety of projects within the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) District 3. The findings from each study will improve traffic operations and create safer roadway conditions for the surrounding communities. 

“We have enjoyed working with FDOT and aiding their efforts to improve mobility throughout northwest Florida,” commented Jennifer Vrynios, P.E., PTOE, senior transportation engineer, Gresham, Smith and Partners. “By analyzing areas of concern and developing solutions, we have a great opportunity to improve safety and quality of life for the public. We look forward to continuing our work under the on-call contract to improve the daily travel experience for Florida residents.”

“Our experienced team understands the impact of population growth on traffic flow and safety,” commented Jay Bockisch, P.E., PTOE, senior transportation engineer, Gresham, Smith and Partners. “As the region continues to see more full-time and part-time residents, the design solutions we develop throughout District 3, combined with the practical, forward-thinking traffic solutions we provided in District 2 and District 7, will lead to safer streets for Floridians.”

Due to concern for the safety of students entering and exiting Layton Chiles High School in Leon County, GS&P evaluated the two unsignalized intersections that provide access to the property. The project team conducted a field review and site observations, a speed study, segment and intersection operational analysis, queue analysis, traffic signal warrant analysis and crash analysis before determining that FDOT’s previous addition of turn lanes and warning signs were effective and neither traffic signals nor a special speed zone were needed along the adjacent State Route 61.

Additionally, GS&P conducted a speed zone study along State Route 81 in Walton County to determine the appropriate speed limit for the stretch of roadway. The project team determined that the existing speed zones were not necessary and suggested that advisory speed and curve warning signs be implemented to improve safety for drivers in the area.

GS&P has successfully delivered numerous FDOT projects and contracts, including the District 7 Access Management Safety Contract, the District 3 Gulf Coast Parkway and the District 2 Keaton Beach Coastal Park and CR 361 Trail. GS&P’s Transportation professionals deliver comprehensive planning, design, program management and construction phase services for highway, transit, aviation and rail facilities throughout the Southeast. The staff of engineers, planners and scientists capitalize on the firm’s diverse blend of markets and disciplines to offer a truly integrated and sustainable approach that considers all perspectives and offers practical, forward-thinking solutions.