Gresham Smith’s Aviation Expertise on Display at Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium

March 5, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners is proud to announce that Senior Vice President Grant Clifford, RIBA, LEED AP, and Director of Environmental Graphics Jim Harding, SEGD, presented at the Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium in Denver, Colo. Additionally, Senior Architect Ben Goebel, AIA, and Architect Brad Sucher, AIA, served as track hosts, overseeing the panel discussions related to terminal design and construction. The event, which was sponsored by the Airports Consultants Council and the American Association of Airport Executives, took place Feb. 28 – March 2.  

“Airports are increasingly looking for ways to improve operations and elevate the airport experience for travelers. Through research and design execution, we are finding proven ways to maximize space in terminals and standardize wayfinding to help our clients do just that,” commented Clifford. “The Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium was a great opportunity to discuss forward-thinking airport design solutions with our industry peers and we were glad to be a part of driving the conversations.”

Summaries of the presentations follow.

Creating Space
Presentation by Grant Clifford, RIBA, LEED AP, Jane Ahrens, AIA, LEED AP, Marc Gambrill, P.E., MPA, A.A.E., Jack Christine, A.A.E., and Paul Puckli

All real estate at a terminal is prime real estate. What measures can airports take to maximize the limited amount of available space at their facilities? With a focus on technologies, operational adjustments, remote facilities and design modifications, speakers in this session covered design modifications required to relocate or repurpose traditional airport operations. GS&P’s Grant Clifford discussed how moving rental car operations away from the terminal to a newly designed Consolidated Rental Car Center freed up valuable space at Tampa International Airport.

Where’s My Gate?
Presentation by Jim Harding, SEGD, Manik Arora, P.E., Chris Runde, Laurel Van Horn and Haley Gentry

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting lost, especially in an airport. In this presentation, wayfinding experts will discuss how standardizing wayfinding elements at airports creates a uniform passenger experience, regardless of location. The presenters discussed a variety of topics, including wayfinding for aging travelers and persons with disabilities, enhancing the customer experience and airport accessibility.