GS&P’s Jim Harding to Lead SEGD Webinar on Inclusive Airport Wayfinding

February 6, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners is proud to announce that Jim Harding, SEGD, director of environmental graphics, will lead the Society for Experiential Graphic Design’s (SEGD) webinar on enhancing wayfinding for aging travelers and persons with disabilities on Feb. 8. Harding will discuss the findings from GS&P-led research documented in Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Guidebook 177, highlighting ways to create pedestrian wayfinding systems that assist aging travelers and persons with disabilities in traveling independently within airports.

“I look forward to sharing recommendations and best practices for creating wayfinding systems that promote independent airport travel,” commented Harding. “By keeping passengers with visual impairment, mobility limitations or short-term memory problems in mind when designing airport wayfinding, designers have an opportunity to not only promote independent travel, but also to create wayfinding systems that benefits all passengers.”

A summary of the presentation follows.

Enhancing Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities
Presentation by Jim Harding, SEGD

In order to help aging travelers and persons with disabilities travel independently, an airport must consider more than simply helping these customers know where to go. While personal guides offer assistance at many airports, additional efforts can be made to enhance wayfinding systems for passengers with visual impairment, mobility limitations, or short-term memory problems. In this webinar, Harding will highlight the who, what, why and how of assisting aging travelers and persons with disabilities to travel independently within airports using technology and pedestrian wayfinding systems. Attendees will walk away with the tools to design wayfinding systems that not only benefit aging and disabled travelers, but every individual.