GS&P’s Srinivas Jalla to Discuss Innovative On-Call Delivery Model for Public Utilities

February 21, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners is proud to announce that Senior Vice President Srinivas Jalla, P.E., PMP, co-authored Building an Effective On-Call Delivery Model to Improve Equipment Availability, a manuscript that provides a template for municipalities to build an adaptable on-call delivery model. Alongside co-author Richard Schoeck, P.E., PMP, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources, Jalla will discuss the manuscript at the Water Environment Federation’s Utility Management Conference on Feb. 21 in San Antonio. The presentation will highlight the role GS&P played in developing and implementing an innovative on-call delivery model to meet Gwinnett County’s maintenance and rehabilitation needs.  

“GS&P has partnered with Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources for many years to deliver cost-effective solutions to proactively maintain the county’s water infrastructure. By implementing a resourceful, adaptive delivery model, the County has been able to use established contracting methods to complete time-sensitive facility maintenance and repairs,” commented Jalla. “I’m looking forward to sharing GS&P’s experience in collaborating with other on-call partners to successfully respond to GCDWR maintenance and rehabilitation needs without affecting facility treatment capacity or effectiveness.”

A summary of the paper follows.

Building an Effective On-Call Delivery Model to Improve Equipment Availability
Written by Richard Schoeck P.E., PMP, Srinivas Jalla, P.E., PMP, and Clinton Davis

The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (GCDWR) owns and operates water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure with an estimated replacement value of over $9 billion that serves approximately one million citizens in Gwinnett County, GA. To reduce a growing backlog of maintenance work, improve equipment availability, and increase operations reliability, GCDWR needed an adaptive and innovative delivery model that enabled quick response to emergency and urgent maintenance and repair challenges, operated within the County’s procurement guidelines, provided access to subject matter experts and built county staff capacity and capabilities to take over key maintenance and management responsibilities.

Over the last four years, GCDWR’s initiatives evolved into an on-call delivery model that makes innovative use of established contracting methods to function within the County’s procurement guidelines. The presentation will provide an overview of various components of the on-call delivery model and how the on-call teams work collaboratively in an integrated manner with facility operations staff to deliver cost-effective and quality work on an expedited schedule.