Design with Customers in Mind

Timing and expertise are everything when it comes to retail projects. Whether it’s site selection, permitting or designing a store as quickly as possible, our team of civil engineers, landscape architects and planners excel at retail projects because they know the drill well—from the major players and regulations to existing infrastructure and our clients’ design requirements. For decades, we have delivered thoughtful and comprehensive roadmaps for small, complex and large fast-track projects, keeping in mind that every plot of land has its individual challenges.


“We are appreciative of Gresham Smith’s partnership in the site plan design and permitting efforts for these sites in the City of Franklin.  They were instrumental in helping us launch these exciting new stores.”

Charlton Bell, Senior Vice President of Facilities, Tri Star Energy

“Now more than ever, success in retail is about creating an exceptional experience for both our guests and our staff. The entire campus is designed to offer optimum functionality, comfort and convenience. We thank Gresham Smith for bringing our vision to life.”

David Peterson, Owner, Mercedes Benz of Louisville, Inc.