The City of Tallahassee prides itself on providing excellent services and facilities to support a high quality of life for its community. Ensuring the safety and usability of roadways is a key mission for the City. To support this goal, Gresham Smith was selected to provide services under a general engineering service contract to plan and design practical and cost-effective improvements across the city.

Under this contract, Gresham Smith will work with the City to provide planning, design and engineering services for a variety of transportation, stormwater management and other civil engineering projects. Gresham Smith will also be available to the City to deliver design expertise and management services for projects including roadway design, drainage design, safety studies and design, multimodal transportation improvements, utilities design and installation, traffic engineering and signal design, landscape design, and structural engineering. Providing additional value, we will also assist with long-term planning, public involvement strategies, engineering economic studies, and construction and contract administration.

Gresham Smith local staff will work closely with City officials, stakeholders and other team members to make a positive, wide-ranging impact on the City of Tallahassee. Gresham Smith’s responsive planning and design efforts will help the City provide consistent and top-quality services to Tallahassee’s residents.


Tallahassee, Florida

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