Established in 1939, Dollar General has grown from a single wholesale store to the country’s largest “small-box” discount retailer. To achieve and maintain their phenomenal growth, the company relies on a successful preferred developer prototype site adaptation program comprising 9,000-square-foot, stand-alone retail stores located on 1-acre lots. The program has been a mainstay for Gresham smith since 1995, when we first began providing preferred developer consulting services with Chattanooga-based development firm Hutton.


The Hutton Company; GBT Investments, Inc.


Various locations, Various locations


square-foot retail stores


acre lots


Dollar General sites nationwide

Highly Detailed Yet Flexible

Highly Detailed Yet Flexible

To meet customer demand and minimize time-to-market, Dollar General requires extremely aggressive design and construction schedules. In 2009, our firm joined forces with Dollar General’s preferred developer GBT Realty of Brentwood, Tennessee, to create a highly detailed yet flexible site design process that helps fast-track the process amidst an array of complex preconstruction requirements.
10,000 Locations and Counting

10,000 Locations and Counting

To date, Gresham Smith has provided professional services for more than 550 different sites in a wide variety of urban settings—from locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Kentucky to New York, Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia and Tennessee. During the tenure of our working relationship, Dollar General has grown from less than 3,000 to nearly 10,000 retail locations, and we are proud to continue to partner with their preferred developers in this challenging program.


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