DOW Electronics is an industry-leading consumer electronics technology distributor. The company sought to revitalize their corporate headquarters office in Tampa, Florida, in support of their ongoing success and desire to hire and maintain more millennials. Gresham Smith was tasked with designing the space, a 12,760-square-foot renovation including 66 employee workstations, two training rooms, two conference rooms, multiple open and closed collaborative meeting areas, an updated lobby and new dining center.

DOW’s building is fully hurricane-hardened, so the zero-window space posed a unique challenge for the design team. The new design needed to exude light from the inside out, as natural light was not an option. The eye-catching lobby presents a first and lasting impression, and the well-lit check-in kiosk provides an easy way for guests to notify staff of their arrival. The combination of clean white finishes with pops of red, warm tile and wood tones creates a welcoming environment. Strategically arranged workstations allow for concentrated work and collaboration among both executives and employees, while clear paths of travel throughout the space foster a sense of openness. Various-sized meeting rooms coupled with diverse types of furniture encourage discussions and work engagements serving different purposes, from one-on-one interfacing to video conferencing to board meetings.

The design reflects the energy and enthusiasm of the company and its employees. The office remained fully functional while undergoing renovations in two phases. Total design and phased construction was completed in 15 months.


Digital Reception Services, Inc.


Tampa, Florida

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