To protect, conserve and manage Florida’s natural resources is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) core mission. To support this goal, Gresham Smith was selected by the department to provide design and research toward the conservation of the state’s award-winning parks and trail systems under a five-year continuing contract for architectural-engineering services.

With more than 110 architects and engineers located in Tallahassee, Chipley, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Gresham Smith is perfectly positioned to advise FDEP on this important statewide contract. Our full-service team includes civil engineers specializing in trail and park design, campgrounds, access roads, parking lots, remote utility design and recreational facilities; architects and electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural engineers with expertise in context-sensitive roadway and pedestrian bridges, wildlife viewing structures, restrooms, ranger stations, nature centers, boardwalks and blinds; and landscape architects who specialize in low-maintenance and native-landscaping designs. Familiar with the unique requirements of this type of contract, the Gresham Smith team will utilize past experience while working closely with the department.

Tasked with providing professional services to any of Florida’s 161 state parks—along with its 10 state trail systems—Gresham Smith will strive to incorporate FDEP’s mission, and adhere to Florida State Park system’s goal and vision of creating a sense of place where the best of Florida’s diverse natural and cultural heritage can be enjoyed by future generations.


Florida Department of Environmental Protection


, Florida


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