To meet the needs of a growing Lake County community, enable flexibility for the future and increase connectivity to the larger network, Florida Hospital Waterman selected Gresham Smith to provide architectural and engineering services for a four-story addition to the existing hospital and for a major renovation.

The addition expands the emergency department, relocates the OB and Pediatric program and shells two additional floors for future medical and surgical units. Gresham Smith is also renovating the existing emergency department and adding an iconic stair tower open to daylight. Florida Hospital Water is already renowned for its aesthetic and this stair tower will amplify the beauty of the hospital’s campus.

Adaptability and resilience are inherent in the design, to meet capacity demands and provide flexibility now and in the future. The emergency department design creates efficient expansion and contraction scenarios.

The project supports a strategic goal of increasing integration within the hospital system. It improves connectivity physically and electronically. A new corridor will join the main hospital entrance and ED entrance, which should also ease wayfinding for patients. The design also promotes clinical collaboration staging physician work areas in a centralized location improving staff experience and quality of care.

The project further supports patient experience by optimizing patient flow while maintaining separation to allow staff to triage patients more effectively. The new stair tower adds to the aesthetic appeal for staff and patients and encourages people to use the stairs thus contributing to building a healthy community. Both the ED and bed tower are designed to maximize access to lake views and daylight to enhance the patient experience.

The phased project is a continuation of Gresham Smith’s relationship with Florida Hospital Waterman, which includes an 18-month study of patient satisfaction, noise levels and patient safety. The study’s findings were published in the September 2016 issue of The Journal of Environmental Psychology.


Florida Hospital Waterman


Tavares, Florida

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