Due to their proven safety benefits, roundabouts are becoming increasingly common in the state of Georgia, and plans are in place to incorporate many more as part of the state’s transportation infrastructure. But while roundabouts are a viable solution for many traffic concerns, they are not the best solution for every intersection. As part of the advancement of its roundabout program, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has selected Gresham Smith to prepare feasibility studies to evaluate the potential and appropriateness for implementing roundabouts at numerous intersections throughout the state.

As part of these feasibility studies, Gresham Smith will review the background/history, site conditions, land use, access, right of way, visual environmental resources and other pertinent elements associated with each site. A safety assessment will be conducted by analyzing crash data at each intersection and a traffic operational analysis will be performed for the existing conditions, proposed roundabout and other potential improvements. Based on the data collected, Gresham Smith will then prepare a conceptual layout for a roundabout at each intersection, as well as conduct performance checks to evaluate the fastest path, truck turning movements and stopping sight distance.

The final report will provide GDOT with recommendations for roundabout implementation as well as favorable alternatives, key assumptions and constraints, safety and operational benefits, and the expected approach for construction staging and maintenance of traffic during construction.


Georgia Department of Transportation


Atlanta, Georgia

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