Groninger—a world leader in the manufacture of filling and packing machinery for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries—wanted its new North American headquarters to reflect their identity as a German manufacturer in America and incorporate sustainable energy and design principles. After closely studying Groninger’s European facilities, our team employed American solutions to create a new U.S. facility that appeared, felt and performed in a way that would exceed our client’s standards and expectations. As engineers of extremely precise equipment and tools, one of their objectives was to design a building that featured fine detailing and utilized quality materials in a contemporary fashion. To achieve this, our team carefully studied the machines that Groninger manufactures, and integrated similar materials and details throughout the interior.

The 35,000-square-foot facility features a two-story glass lobby with terrazzo flooring and an open office area with an exposed structural deck and floating acoustical ceiling elements. Cutting-edge workspaces were created by using versatile, high-tech videoconferencing, audio-visual and product demonstration tools. The color scheme is high-contrast gray and white with elements of stainless steel and aluminum. Energy-efficient precast concrete wall panels were used for the exterior—as opposed to the hard-coat stucco systems commonly used in Germany—giving the building a similar look to that of its German counterparts. The facility also includes an in-house training center, a state-of-the-art showroom, and larger engineering, production and assembly areas.


groninger USA, LLC


Charlotte, North Carolina




LLC - Headquarters and Manufacturing/Distribution Facility

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David King, AIA
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