When real estate investors Southwest Value Partners purchased a 16-acre site in a prime location on the western edge of downtown Nashville, our team was brought on to help reimagine its potential. The result is a high-quality, urban community that celebrates Nashville’s roots while introducing an eclectic mix of spaces that continues to advance the world-class city.



Uptown Property Holdings, LLC


Nashville, TN


acre site


square-feet of entertainment, retail, office and residential space



Celebrating Nashville's Roots with People-Centric Design

Celebrating Nashville's Roots with People-Centric Design

As its name suggests, the Nashville Yards site was once a railyard; the place that people and goods entered Nashville. With the new development, Nashville Yards once again becomes the gateway to the city through the creative combination of:

  • Prominent additions to the city’s skyline (9 parcels in total)
  • A layered walkable environment, including a new stacked street (Upper 10th Avenue North)
  • More than 4 acres of open green space that will connect to downtown’s greenway network, linking this underutilized land back into the city fabric.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Integrated design features such as pedestrian plazas and common branding elements that influence the way people will engage with streets, sidewalks and lighting will creative a holistic feeling within Nashville Yards. Parking will be conveniently located underground and out of site, while designated on-street ride-sharing drop-off and pick-up areas will be provided.
Measuring the Impact

Measuring the Impact

Overall, the project is estimated to generate over $36 billion in economic impact to the region.

During construction, the development is estimated to generate:

  • $2.8+ billion in economic impact
  • One-time construction-related taxes of $20+ million to the city and $69+ million to the state
  • 3,200 jobs

Once completed, the development is expected to generate:

  • $2+ billion in annual economic impact
  • Annual taxes in excess of: $21 million to city and $27 million to state
  • 14,800 permanent jobs


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Don Reynolds, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Don Reynolds, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Executive Vice President, Life and Work Places