When The Rawlings Group, a comprehensive health insurance data mining and claims recovery company, outgrew their office space, owner and CEO George Rawlings called on Gresham Smith to consolidate the company’s operations into one unified campus on a picturesque 60-acre greenfield site in LaGrange, Kentucky. His vision was clear: the new space needed to be fluid, transparent, clear, open and efficient. It needed to be a space where employees wanted to work. After completing a master plan for the site, our team designed a 160,000-square-foot office space, and later a 75,000-square-foot addition, that not only meets today’s demands but provides flexibility for the future.


The Rawlings Group, LLC


LaGrange, KY




square feet


acre office park


story atrium

Strategically Situated on the Site

Strategically Situated on the Site

Gresham Smith worked with the site’s natural topography, water features and habitats when selecting the building’s location, ultimately saving money on earthwork. The combination of curvilinear patterns and landscape materials provides a visual balance, while an exterior courtyard space emphasizes the campus’ connection to nature and provides a respite for employees. Additionally, we incorporated low impact development features to more sustainably manage stormwater runoff in parking areas.
Clean & Crisp

Clean & Crisp

Understanding Rawlings’ love for clean, high modernism, the design team worked to create a highly attractive, yet highly functional workspace. The buildings’ crisp, modern façade makes a statement about the business conducted inside—bringing order and sense to complex insurance issues. Inside the building a two-story glass atrium, floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings create a thoughtful, elegant space.
Flexible for the Future

Flexible for the Future

The office’s design reflects Rawlings’ need for flexibility and functionality. The extremely open office plan fosters the kind of teamwork that the company believes is essential to its success and provides room to grow. The campus also houses a fitness center, cafeteria and coffee shop for employees.


“…logical, efficient, exactly what I envisioned. This beats my highest expectations.”

George Rawlings, Owner and CEO, The Rawlings Group, LLC


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Jeff Kuhnhenn, AIA, LEED AP
Jeff Kuhnhenn, AIA, LEED AP
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