ALDOT I-65 Rubblization and Widening

  • Kent Black

    Kent Black P.E.

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There was a need to increase capacity and reduce delays on I-65, an existing four-lane interstate passing through Montgomery, Alabama. Additionally, the existing concrete had fallen into a state of disrepair and needed to be rehabilitated to provide a smoother ride.

GS&P was selected by ALDOT to prepare plans for the widening and rehabilitation of I-65 in Montgomery, one in a series of interstate improvement projects in the area. We provided roadway design for the rubblization of the existing pavement, widening of the median and shoulder to provide additional lanes, improvements to guardrails and barrier rails, as well as plans for jacking, widening and deck replacement for eight bridges.

Modifications to the interstate access ramps were also studied and incorporated into the plans, including a study at the South Boulevard interchange for a single-point urban interchange (SPUI), triple left turns, and flyover ramps.

The services GS&P provided increased capacity through Montgomery, enhanced the riding surface on I-65, improved interchange ramps, and increased safety for all motorists. All improvements were done inside the existing right-of-way.

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