Cobb County DOT – Lower Roswell Road Safety and Operational Improvements

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Cobb County, GA, USA
Cobb County Department of Transportation
In need of road safety and operational enhancements to Lower Roswell Road, the Cobb County Department of Transportation (DOT) tasked GS&P with the design and traffic analysis of roadway improvements to a nearly 3-mile section of Lower Roswell Road in Marietta, Georgia—from Davidson Road to the Fulton County Line.
GS&P’s scope consisted of evaluating existing traffic operations at 13 intersections—including levels of service, crash history, peak-hour traffic observations and sight-distance analysis. Following the assessment, recommendations were made regarding turn-lane requirements and length, as well as traffic signal operations. Other design elements included horizontal and vertical geometric improvements, the addition of turn lanes, curbs and gutters, drainage improvements, 4-foot bike lanes, a 5-foot sidewalk on the north side, and an 8-foot recreational trail on the south side.
GS&P managed a number of key challenges throughout the project, including community concerns. As a result, the design footprint was reduced while adhering to the design standards. The team also prepared water system improvements and worked closely with Cobb County DOT to reduce impacts, preserve the existing adjacent green space and produce a context-sensitive design.
A major design component of the comprehensive effort included a three-legged, 115-foot-diameter roundabout—the second to be built by Cobb County DOT—at the intersection of Lower Roswell Road, Willeo Road and Timber Ridge Road. GS&P’s innovative design channels the flow of traffic approaching from the roads around the center island, making for a smoother and safer flow of traffic on Lower Roswell Road.
Benefiting motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists alike, roadway corridor enhancements made to the 3-mile stretch have garnered positive community response, offering residents a vastly improved, safe and inviting new streetscape.

Senior Transportation Engineer Eric Rickert, P.E., discusses the context-sensitive design considerations for a nearly 3-mile section of Lower Roswell Road in Cobb County, Georgia.

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