Florida State College at Jacksonville North Campus Simulation Laboratory

  • Joseph C. Bucci

    Joseph C. Bucci AIA, NCARB

    Senior Architect Contact
Jacksonville, U.S.A
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) required an expanded and updated space for its Medical and Nursing Simulation Center at the North Campus. GS&P renovated and expanded an old culinary lab to provide several simulation labs, as well as provided planning for future expansion. The new simulation lab provides state-of-the-art models of hospital exam rooms, patient rooms and staff corridors. Future plans include dedicated space for simulated ED, home care, EMS and labor and delivery.

GS&P worked closely with FSCJ to determine how it would use the space in order to optimize layout and set up observation spaces for staff. The end result is a simulation lab that creates more one-on-one interaction with faculty, while instilling confidence and independence in students. There is an adjacent room with one-way mirrors where faculty can coach students. The collaborative space also integrates cutting-edge technology including a speaker system that allows faculty to communicate with students via the mannequins used during simulations.

The primary goal was – onstage and offstage – to immerse students in the patient experience in order to aid their transition from academia to the hospital environment. To do this required a certain departure from traditional academic building design and the additional healthcare expertise of the GS&P team. The doors to the lab are sliding glass like those encountered in an ICU. Other hospital-like amenities including simulated medical air and oxygen, patient monitoring, and interior finishes contribute to the realistic hospital environment experience. Since this is not a true healthcare environment, the design team was challenged to adapt hospital equipment for collegiate application. GS&P worked with SLAM Collaborative to develop  the initial conceptual planning and programming. 
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