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  • James R. Harding

    James R. Harding SEGD

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Atlanta, GA, USA
Grady Health System

Struggling with an aging and disjointed wayfinding system at Atlanta’s historic Grady Hospital, Grady Health System sought to develop a new campus signage standards program to improve wayfinding and promote Grady’s new brand. To accomplish this goal, a focus on better campus definition, clearer direction to parking, and more consistent identification of individual buildings, entries and services was essential. The site encompasses more than seven square blocks in downtown Atlanta in multiple buildings, and suffers from limited access to parking, complicated by a combination of one-way and two-way street circulation. 

GS&P’s environmental graphic design (EGD) group worked with Grady Hospital to design a new exterior wayfinding and branding program for its campus. The project was completed in two phases. During phase I, the GS&P team conducted an in-depth analysis of the dense urban campus’ wayfinding needs. Once completed, recommendations for both vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding solutions were presented and approved.

The second phase provided the conceptual design and implementation of directional identification and the new Grady brand. A key concept to solving the hospital’s long-standing problem with guiding patients and visitors to parking areas in this dense urban area was a simple series of trailblazer signs that included the new Grady cross logo and the parking “P” in a circle. In total, the team designed new exterior sign systems for 14 buildings throughout the multi-block campus.

By paying special attention to key decision points, available parking and building entries, the EGD team implemented new graphic standards and a kit-of-parts sign program that can be applied to future expansions. The project helps to foster a positive experience for the hospital’s guests while also unifying and strengthening the Grady Health brand. The hospital’s exterior is now rejuvenated with eye-catching, cohesive signage that clearly communicates important information as well as an image of success.

Grady Hospital was established in 1892 and is now one of the largest safety-net hospitals in the United States, making our campus both high-volume and historic. People previously struggled to find their destinations and didn’t get a clear sense of our brand, so Grady’s leadership team wanted to streamline and modernize our signage to better serve patients and visitors. GS&P has been successful in designing a signage program that supports a positive hospital experience while creating a look and feel that reflects our long-established prominence in the community.

Lindsay Caulfield, Senior Vice President of Planning and Marketing, Grady Health System
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