Grimes Bridge Road Roundabout

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The Norcross Street and Warsaw Road intersection with Grimes Bridge Road and Melody Lane in Roswell, Georgia, had become an unsafe, accident-prone signalized intersection and a nightmare for drivers. Handling approximately 28,000 vehicles per day via a single approach and dedicated left-turn lane, the existing intersection had experienced a dramatic increase in the number of crashes over the years, and was causing lengthy delays for drivers during peak hours. Aware of the strain the intersection was placing on the community, the City of Roswell hired GS&P to develop a plan to control and improve the flow of traffic.
GS&P’s original design solution for the dangerous juncture was a four-legged roundabout. But when residents adjacent to the intersection objected to the realignment of Melody Lane, the concept was revised to accommodate Melody Lane within the roundabout. The final design solution—somewhat unique and a first for the City—was a single-lane, five-legged roundabout that reduces speed through the intersection and decreases conflict points due to no left turns against oncoming traffic—a key contributor to crashes at traditional intersections.
Though the new solution was primarily focused on safety, aesthetics were also important to the City because of the roundabout’s close proximity to residential areas. Functional yet visually appealing, GS&P’s innovative design not only aids in traffic flow, but also enhances the appearance of the community.
Some of the same design elements that make the roundabout aesthetically pleasing also contribute to its sustainability. Although not one of the original overarching goals, the project turned out to be very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Natural resources were preserved, trees were saved and a water runoff drainage system was incorporated. In addition, the roundabout was designed to be neighborhood friendly by adding a bike lane and a sidewalk system that connects pedestrians to other areas of the community, adhering to the City of Roswell’s official Complete Streets policy.
Formerly one of the top locations for crashes in the city, the award-winning roundabout at Grimes Bridge Road—the first for the City of Roswell—represents a huge improvement over the former hazardous intersection, reducing the high volume of car accidents as well as peak-hour delays, and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the community.
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