HealthSouth Corporation - Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Massachusetts

  • Patricia West

    Patricia West

    Senior Vice President, Business Development Contact
Ludlow, MA, USA
HealthSouth Corporation

Having outgrown its existing leased space in Ludlow Hospital, HealthSouth sought a new, patient-centered environment in Western Massachusetts. Portions of their existing space had become unusable, and the aging infrastructure no longer supported the needs for new technology or the group’s physical therapy practices. Moreover, a limited amount of windows, a lack of outdoor areas and cramped spaces within the facility all added up to a subpar environment for both patients and staff.

HealthSouth solicited GS&P to design a new 74,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art replacement hospital, to be prominently located in the heart of the new Ludlow Mills mixed-use development. Inspired by the historic stock houses located on campus, and paying homage to Ludlow Mills’ distinctive architectural character, the design of the facility incorporated reclaimed brick and detailing from the historic rope mill structures.

In distinct contrast to its predecessor, the hospital’s new therapy gym features floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide views to the therapy garden and courtyard, as well as natural daylighting for both patients and staff to enjoy. All rooms either face an internal courtyard, or to the surrounding native landscape and the Chicopee River to the south.

The long corridors that connect the gym and patient wings are also purposeful, allowing for gait training by using the finishes to mark the flooring—as well as the patient’s progress—as they’re on their way to therapy, or even heading to dinner or group activities.

The first HealthSouth facility to be LEED Gold certified, the new rehabilitation hospital not only maintains the historical and architectural integrity of the city’s industrial landmark, but also provides a higher level of care for patients, employees, the environment, and ultimately the community.

GS&P Senior Architect Eddy Alonso, AIA, and Interior Designer Dexter Carty describe the innovative design concepts incorporated into the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Massachusetts.

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