Johnson City Intelligent Transportation System and Master Plan

Johnson City, TN, United States of America
City of Johnson City

Traffic congestion along several major routes in Johnson City, Tennessee was becoming a problem as the city experienced tremendous growth. Physically expanding the roadways was not a cost-effective or environmentally friendly option, so City officials looked to technology to improve the safety and efficiency of its transportation network.

GS&P developed a comprehensive Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) master plan that consisted of four major components: a concept of operations, an ITS implementation plan, systems engineering analysis guidelines, and an ITS business plan. These tools provided Johnson City officials a path to prioritize and phase the development of their ITS with an understanding of the components necessary to achieve a fully operational and integrated transportation system. Additionally, the business plan provided a single, comprehensive and manageable approach and strategy for ongoing funding, operation, maintenance and replacement of the ITS over time.

By implementing the strategies within the master plan, Johnson City is better prepared to effectively manage their transportation system, reduce traffic congestion and better accommodate the growing community.

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