Lakeside Medical Center

  • Patricia West

    Patricia West

    Senior Vice President, Business Development Contact
Belle Glade, FL, United States of America
Health Care District of Palm Beach County (FL)

The Healthcare District of Palm Beach County had outgrown their aging facility in Belle Glade. With Lake Okeechobee located nearby and hurricanes a constant threat, it was decided that a new facility, complete with the ability to withstand natural disasters, was the solution.

GS&P created a new replacement facility specifically designed to address the needs of Palm Beach County. Constructed out of 50-foot-high site-cast solid concrete panel, fundamental components of the new facility include updated services, structural capacity for future growth and development and preparedness for potential natural disasters.

A former sugar cane field, the new hospital’s site was re-worked to allow the first floor to sit well above flood levels. To ensure the structure contained no weak points, the design utilized windows and doors specifically rated for hurricane-level impact resistance. To maximize clinical efficiency and minimize costs, Lakeside Medical Center will share common elements while clearly separating public spaces from secured areas.

As the only acute care facility in a 35-mile radius, Lakeside Medical Center now plays an integral role in the health of the surrounding community. The 142,000-square-foot medical center includes 70 private patient rooms and was completed more than four months ahead of schedule and more than $10 million under budget.

Over the last three and a half years I have had the distinct pleasure to have Gresham, Smith and Partners on my project delivery team for the development of a 50-acre, 70-bed, greenfield replacement hospital built, Lakeside Medical Center. GS&P assembled a high quality integrated design team for a broadened scope covering every project element on- or off-site that stuck to their original commitments and proposals with unwavering commitment, professionalism and integrity.

Michael J. Gates
Senior Development Executive, Healthcare District of Palm Beach County

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