Shanghai Health City Master Plan

  • Kevin K. S. Kim

    Kevin K. S. Kim AIA

    Design Principal Contact
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Huasheng Investment Co. Ltd.
Once an industrial zone dependent on the textile and flour industries, Shanghai’s Putuo District has blossomed into a vibrant industrial park thanks to the development of real estate, commerce, a modern urban industry and the growth of tourism. Private developer Shanghai Huasheng Investment Co. Ltd. envisioned a new international medical city in this burgeoning municipal district that would integrate high-quality medical care, rehabilitation, research and development, medical tourism, pharmaceutical medicine trading and other related functions.
GS&P developed a master plan that inspires a world-class medical industrial park featuring a 500-bed general hospital and three 200-bed specialty hospitals. Specialty clinics will include a cancer radiation therapy center, a diagnostic imaging center, a surgery center, a central lab, a pathology center and a nursing care center. The general hospital and diagnostics and treatment center will serve as a resource-sharing platform. The campus will also comprise a five-star hotel, administrative offices, service apartments, a wellness center and other ancillary facilities. Providing convenient access to state-of-the-art healthcare, the new 259-square-meter development will be located close to Hongqiao Transport Hub—the busiest transit hub in china—and in between the city’s middle ring and outer ring highways.
Set to attract medical tourists, top-tier healthcare professionals, and residents of the Yangtze River Delta region alike, Shanghai Health City will serve a vital role in the continued economic and social development of western Shanghai. 
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