Shanghai Lanhai Rehab Hospital

Shanghai, China
Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center Construction Development Co. Ltd.
Advanced healthcare is critical to maintaining Shanghai’s reputation as a world-class city. There is an increased focus on providing specialty care facilities in order to expand services. Helping to advance this goal, GS&P will serve as the architect and interior designer for the cutting-edge, 215,000 square-foot, 200-bed Shanghai Lanhai Rehab Hospital.
The specialty rehabilitation hospital project is located on the Shanghai New Honqiao Medical Campus and is connected to the campus’ recently completed Shared Services Facility which was also designed by GS&P. The Shared Services Facility is a world-first, 947,806-square-foot, eight-story support facility which houses vital resources such as logistical, clinical and public support services for the campus’ hospitals and specialty clinics, including the rehab facility.

The advanced design for Shanghai Lanhai Rehab Hospital on the Shanghai Hongqiao Medical Campus is befitting of Shanghai as a world-class, global city. The facility complements the cutting-edge Shared Services Facility on campus in both design and function. It is an important addition to expand medical services, creating a holistic care and healing environment.

Kevin K. S. Kim, AIA, design principal at Gresham, Smith and Partners 
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