State Road 12 Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation

  • Tyler Strickland

    Tyler Strickland P.E., J.D.

    State Transportation Leader - Florida Contact
Liberty County, FL, USA
Florida Department of Transportation
Having worked with GS&P on numerous transportation projects—including the 10-mile Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (3R) effort along State Road 12 from Greensboro to Quincy in Gadsden County—Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) selected our firm once again for the 12.1-mile 3R project beginning at the pavement change just north of SR 20 in Bristol, Florida, and ending at the Liberty-Gadsden County line. This vital north-south connector serves the rural communities of Bristol and Greensboro, and provides access to Torreya State Park, the Apalachicola National Forest, residents, schools and various local farms. 

The primary purpose of this important project is to address pavement and safety issues. To achieve this goal, GS&P will review the entire SR 12 corridor’s horizontal and vertical geometry along with its crash history to identify critical safety upgrades. Minor drainage, signage and marking upgrades are also included in the project’s scope, as well as a 1-mile sidewalk extension from SR 20 along the north side of SR 12.

GS&P will work to ensure this project is biddable, constructible and environmentally responsible. Our design will not only be sensitive to the unique character of the region, but will also provide sustainable features. Both 3R projects along State Road 12 combine for more than 22 miles of construction, and serve as a key component of the economic development of this rural area.
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