Tampa International Airport - Consolidated Rental Car Center and Automated People Mover (TPA)

  • Grant J. Clifford

    Grant J. Clifford RIBA, LEED AP

    Senior Vice President Contact
Tampa, FL, U.S.A.
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

As part of the first phase of Tampa International Airport (TPA)’s master plan, GS&P is leading the design of a 2.6 million-square-foot Consolidated Rental Car Center (ConRAC), 1.4-miles of Automated People Mover (APM) infrastructure, which will connect the Main Terminal with the ConRAC, and the procurement of the APM operating system. The design-build team includes Austin Constructors, LLC, as contractor and GS&P as the lead designer and project manager for the design team. GS&P is also the architect-of-record for the APM infrastructure including the guideway, three stations and a maintenance and storage facility, and also performing interior design, structural engineering and environmental graphics. GS&P is managing 17 design and engineering sub-consultants, which also includes meeting the W/MBE goals for the program.

TPA’s existing rental facilities are at capacity for current operations and the associated vehicular traffic is contributing to congestion on the Airport’s roadways and curbsides. The new rental car facility will provide additional capacity to accommodate future growth and will significantly reduce traffic at the main terminal resulting in less pollution at the airport. The construction of the APM system will ensure that a high level of customer service is maintained minimizing the amount of time needed to travel between the ConRAC and the main terminal, making the journey virtually hassle-free. The APM will also serve Economy Parking, greatly reducing travel time for customers and allow for elimination of the shuttle bus operation which will provide significant long term cost savings and further reduce traffic and pollution at the airport.

“The new Consolidated Rental Car Center (ConRAC) will provide numerous benefits to TPA including six more on-site rental-car companies, which will provide more choice and varied price points for passengers. The Automated People Mover (APM) will minimize the amount of time needed to travel between the main terminal and the ConRAC, making the journey virtually hassle-free. We believe these enhancements will be successful in supporting the airport’s long-term growth and customer-service objectives.”

Grant Clifford, RIBA, LEED AP, Senior Vice President at Gresham, Smith and Partners
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