The Russian American Medical Center

  • Frank Swaans

    Frank Swaans AIA, FHFI, LEED AP, EDAC

    Vice President of Global Healthcare Services Contact
Due to a shortage of adequate facilities, medical equipment and trained physicians, many residents of Tver, Russia, travel to Moscow, St. Petersburg or even outside the country to receive quality medical care. The Upper Volga Institute conceived the Russian American Medical Center as a way to stem this outbound medical tourism by offering the local population easy access to the highest quality Western-style healthcare available. GS&P provided planning, program and design development services for the new campus that will include an 80-bed acute-care hospital, oncology center and medical office building planned for construction in Tver—a city located 110 miles northwest of Moscow.
GS&P’s design creates a striking, iconic image for the community through the use of bold, non-orthogonal forms that deliver a high-tech, innovative aesthetic. Dramatic cantilevers help to shape public spaces located on the facility’s first and second floors. Building elements seamlessly blend with landscape features to fully integrate the structure and the site. 
The patient tower features a randomized window pattern that emulates the glistening whitecaps and flowing movement of the nearby Volga River. Dark bronze, narrow metal panels establish an identity for the medical office building and clinical spaces, while the patient tower shines with its large, anodized metal panel composition.
In contrast to the harsh winter environment typical of the local climate, the interior was designed to be a warm, welcoming retreat for patients, staff and visitors. Natural elements such as stone, tile and wood paneling, enhanced by full-height glazing, will fill the lobby area and flood the space with natural light.
Honored in the “unbuilt institutional” category at the 2014 AIA Tampa Bay Honor & Design Awards, the Russian American Medical Center is poised to set a new standard in healthcare delivery along the 500-mile corridor between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The JCI-certified, ADA-compliant facility will offer state-of-the-art oncology, orthopedic and general hospital services, as well as neurosurgery and advanced imaging.

The Russian American Medical Center will set a completely new standard for how healthcare is delivered.

Frank Swaans, Vice President of Global Healthcare Services at Gresham, Smith and Partners
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