Wayne Memorial Hospital

  • C. Scott McQueen

    C. Scott McQueen NCARB, LEED AP

    Senior Healthcare Principal Contact

Wayne Memorial Hospital has served a large rural area in southern Georgia since the mid-1950s. Over time, the aging hospital had undergone multiple renovations and expansions resulting in a network of confusing hallways and department adjacencies that created an inefficient workplace. In need of a new replacement hospital that offered improved operational efficiencies in a healing, patient-centered environment, Wayne Memorial Hospital turned to GS&P.

To achieve the hospital’s goals, GS&P architects, planners and engineers first met with staff to better understand the facility’s operational processes, including patient and material flow. These early collaborative sessions resulted in a comprehensive plan from which department locations and adjacencies for the new hospital could be selected. Guided by this plan, it was decided that patient flow could be streamlined by stationing all hospital registration—inpatient, outpatient and emergency department—in one central location. Early process mapping by the GS&P team also outlined the placement of labor and delivery rooms next to surgical suites, so the need for an immediate procedure isn’t delayed by a long journey through hospital corridors.

In addition to improved operational flow, creating a patient- and family-friendly environment was of utmost importance to hospital staff. Using evidence-based design principles, GS&P architects and interior designers focused on creating a healing environment for patients and visitors alike. Features to accommodate patients’ families, such as kitchens in waiting rooms, an intimate chapel and an outdoor dining venue were incorporated into the hospital design. Hospice rooms were doubled in size, and a clear delineation between public and private sectors was made, emphasizing patient dignity and privacy. Light and color were carefully considered in order to achieve a soothing and restorative atmosphere.

Built on the same location as the original facility—while keeping the existing hospital functional—the new four-story, 151,000-square-foot replacement hospital includes 84 acute care beds, a 12-bed intensive care unit, 12 private postpartum rooms and four labor and delivery rooms. Operational efficiencies planned and designed into the new building have led to a 50-minute reduction in emergency department wait time, along with a 22- percent increase in overall patient volume.  Reduced travel distances within the hospital have also significantly decreased the chance for medical errors.

Named “2010 Small Hospital of the Year,” by the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals, Wayne Memorial Hospital now proudly offers its patients “big city technology with small hometown care.”

"Design-based teamwork led to a 50-minute drop in emergency department wait time and a 22% increase in overall patient volume."

"Wayne Memorial Hospital: Homegrown Dedication"
HealthExecutive.com, January 2008

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