Yantai Master Plan (Green Leaf Medical Center)

  • Kevin K. S. Kim

    Kevin K. S. Kim AIA

    Design Principal Contact
Yantai, China
Luye Medical Group (China)
A port city in China’s northeastern Shandong province, Yantai has experienced rapid development over the past three decades due to economic reform and the opening up of mainland China to the global economy. Because of Yantai’s remarkable growth and its close proximity to South Korea with its government-mandated universal healthcare coverage, Luye Medical Group (China) sought a new state-of-the-art international medical center in the flourishing industrial city that would provide high-quality healthcare to both local residents and international clientele.
GS&P developed a master plan for the 688,000-square-meter campus that integrates healthcare, science and technology, training and medical tourism, and comprises a general hospital, an orthopedic hospital, a cardiovascular hospital, a neurosurgery hospital, a cancer hospital, a rehabilitation center, a training/education/research and development center and a shared support facility. In addition to providing a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services, the international medical city will feature residential and service apartments as well as a five-star hotel and retail outlets, creating a vibrant, mixed-use environment that brings patient-centered one-stop-shopping to the region. 
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