Please enjoy our free library of materials that further explains what we do and why we do it.
  • Photo: Aviation Parking Garages

    Aviation Parking Garages


    GS&P has designed parking garages for some of the nation’s most highly travelled

  • Photo: Corporate + Urban Design

    Corporate + Urban Design


    Download a brief overview of the types of award-winning projects designed by our corporate and urban design teams.

  • Photo: Corporate and Commercial Interiors

    Corporate and Commercial Interiors


    Our design teams understand the ultimate goal of creating efficient office environments where employees embrace the brand, vision and core values of your organization.

  • Photo: Deicer Management

    Deicer Management


    GS&P staff includes some of the most experienced, nationally recognized deicing and storm water experts in the country. Download a brief overview of our work.

  • Photo: Design for Education

    Design for Education


    Whether a complex master plan, challenging food service facility or intricate laboratory building, our staff is well-prepared for the challenges that are often unique to education projects.

  • Photo: Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding

    Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding


    GS&P’s environmental graphics group has successfully created programs for a variety of clients for more than 28 years. 

  • Photo: Environmental Management Systems

    Environmental Management Systems


    Many organizations use an EMS to evaluate environmental legal requirements, and reduce overall environmental impacts and associated compliance risks.

  • Photo: Healthcare Design

    Healthcare Design


    Since GS&P was founded in 1967, hospital and healthcare design has been a core part of our portfolio. We are now one of the nation’s leading healthcare professional design firms with a wide range of services.

  • Photo: Industrial Design

    Industrial Design


    Download this overview of the design services and project types offered by our industrial project team.

  • Photo: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)


    Download this brief PDF that outlines our wide range of ITS services.

  • Photo: Leisure



    Download a brief overview of some of the eye-catching projects created by our leisure and mixed-use designers.

  • Photo: Parking Garages

    Parking Garages


    GS&P’s parking design experience includes a large number of parking structures and surface lots at healthcare facilities, universities, airports and corporate office buildings.

  • Photo: Sustainability Action Plan

    Sustainability Action Plan

  • Photo: Sustainability in Practice

    Sustainability in Practice


    GS&P understands the implications sustainable design has on your business, your employees, your clients and your end-users.

  • Photo: This is Not a Drill

    This is Not a Drill


    In his remarkably frank and unsparing book, This Is Not a Drill, Marc SauvĂ© delves further into the state of healthcare in America, revealing trends and outlining practical battle plans for your hospital’s survival.

  • Photo: Tire & Rubber Manufacturing

    Tire & Rubber Manufacturing


    Download this overview of services for tire and rubber clients offered by our industrial project team.

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